Gum Arabic Processing


                                 Gum Arabic Being Processed At Our Facilities

There is a basic gum cleaning process before sale. The purpose of this cleaning process is to remove sands, barks and any strange material. The process includes methods such as crude sieving, manual selection, manual grading and picking of bark, etc.

The subsequent phase involves grading into the following grades/qualities of Sudanese gum on the basis of color, clarity and cleanliness:

  1. Handpicked selected or HPS (selected sorts) – This ensure a pale uniform color and freedom from extraneous material.
  2. Cleaned and sifted (cleaned sifted sort) – This is what is left after the handpicked selected is taken away and the siftings are removed.
  3. Cleaned (cleaned amber sorts) – This is the standard grade used throughout the world. Here, siftings are still present, but the dust is removed.
  4. Siftings – This is the material originated from the production of cleaned and sifted. It comprises of fine particles of gum with a proportion of fine bark and sand.
  5. Dust – This is produced from the cleaning process. It comprises of very fine particles of gum, sand and clay/earth.
  6. Kibbling and Sizing

Different grading systems are used in other exporting countries, and although Sudanese production is more tightly controlled, good quality Nigerian or Chadian grades from reputable dealers can match Sudanese material.

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